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Welcome to Teachers Media Plus

Designed to help schools and teacher educators access cost-effective, innovative and flexible training, Teachers Media Plus subscription service provides an extensive video library, inspiring training materials and other key resources to deliver a high-quality staff development experience.

Teachers Media Plus is the perfect foundation for productive and flexible training sessions. It gives schools online resources accessible at any time, reducing the high costs of attending off-site courses and workshops and the disruption to school life.

Comprehensive training and development

The subscription service allows school leaders to address a wide range of staff development needs that include personal and school development plans. Train new and experienced teachers and support staff, plus leadership development and performance management.

Content based upon observing good practice

Based on developing reflective practitioners and encouraging collaborative development, the content is based upon observing good practice in real school environments. Research shows this approach is integral to the sustainable improvement of high-quality teaching and learning. More

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Sample resources

  • Introducing Teachers Media Plus

    A short video explaining how a school or training subscription can be a cost effective staff development resource

  • Inspirations: Where Maths Grows on Trees

    Classroom management skills for newly qualified and teachers in training

  • Collaborative Enquiry

    One of our inspiring management training starter videos

  • Observation and Feedback - Good to Outstanding

    Teacher observation training material for performance management

  • KS3 Literacy Intervention Strategies

    One of 12 inspiring leadership training videos

  • Praising Pupils

    Behaviour techniques for newly qualified and teachers in training