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Welcome to Teachers Media International Solutions

Leading the latest thinking on teaching and learning, Teachers Media International's teacher professional development programmes (Teachers Media Solutions) include a blend of face-to-face workshops and online learning, combined with broadcast TV and mobile media, to promote and enhance educational outcomes at national and international levels.

Teachers Media Solutions provides a range of professional development services to support education globally. These training programmes produce highly motivated and skilled educators resulting in engaged learners, higher student achievement, less truancy and students prepared for the future.

Our model

Through the use of a peer-to-peer approach to gain professional knowledge, Teachers Media International training services transform the performance and aspirations of the teaching workforce. This method encourages reflective learning and sharing innovative and effective practice around the world.

Benefits for educators and schools

Teachers Media Solutions provides a range of scalable, sustainable and accountable programmes that build capacity and support education globally at all levels from leaders and administrators to teachers, new teachers and support staff.

These programmes include a variety of workshops for educators and schools in a number of formats from teacher training and professional development leadership courses, to accredited study programmes and mentored work experience.

  • Workshops - for educators from early years to secondary and administration level, covering all main curriculum subject areas and whole school issues. Providing skills that educators can immediately implement into their practice

  • Ambassador Accreditation - Workshops for "exemplary educators" - trained at the highest levels to become the local mentors and professional development leaders

  • Teachers Media Online Service - An online community service that allows global users to collaboratively work with other educators around the world. A sustainable resource for continued growth. Accessible via internet, mobile media wherever and whenever

  • Video Content - Broadcast quality videos - A global library of broadcast quality videos showing best practice from around the world that can be re-recorded into local languages and new content built and correlated to meet the needs of the region. A range of video content can be purchased for specific areas of need

Whatever your educator or leadership training requirements are, come and talk to us. The Teachers Media International team will help you find a solution.Contact Us

Find out more about our workshops and courses

Sample resources

  • What Does Teachers Media International Solutions Offer?

    A short video explaining the range of services for teacher educators worldwide

  • From Good To Outstanding

    From our library of engaging videos to help improve teaching

  • Primary ICT: Advanced Whiteboard Techniques

    One of many videos in our library on effective use of ICT in the classroom

  • Inspirations: Hurricane House

    From a series of videos about school projects that make a difference

  • Sustainability - A Lesson from Tanzania

    Transformative whole school ideas worth sharing

  • Teaching Empire: How Do They Do It In India

    One of many videos on different approaches to subject teaching